In course of landscaping land that has been cleared from roots for purpose housing development subdivision was cleared by tractor skid steers.

If you own a tree-filled plot of land in Bonaire, Georgia, or any of the surrounding Central Georgia areas, you may require land-clearing services to allow for construction or to prepare for any project you plan to carry out.

Whether you plan for your lot to be residential, commercial, or both, chances are some trees will need to be removed so that you can execute your plans and bring your vision to life. And whether you own a lot of acreage or a little, you can trust that any land-clearing services you need will require a seasoned team of tree removal and land-clearing experts.

So, how do you choose a team? Here are three green flags to look for when it comes to selecting the right land-clearing company in Bonaire:

Your Land-Clearing Team Is Licensed and Insured

A tree removal company in Bonaire can appear to be skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced. But if it is not licensed or insured, it won’t matter how promising the company seems on paper; you should avoid pursuing an agreement with the business. One mishap, and you could find yourself buried in a pile of problems.

Why Licensing Matters

Tree removal and land clearing are inherently dangerous services since both require the takedown of massive structures that can weigh anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds. Throw in the fact that trees can be structurally compromised due to damage or disease, and you have a recipe for disaster if the right approach to clearing or removal isn’t taken. Even the most seasoned or skilled arborists encounter dangerous scenarios, as that is the nature of the business.

The state of Georgia does not require specialty contractors, including arborists, to carry general contractor licenses; anyone with a chainsaw can sell their tree removal services to the public without obligation to obtain any licensing. But even though licensing is optional for tree removal specialists in Georgia, working with a land-clearing company that employs licensed team members boosts your confidence in the folks carrying out your land-clearing services on your property. It helps ensure that team members understand and are compliant with proper safety regulations and all applicable codes and ordinances.

Why Insurance Matters

As stated, land clearing and tree removal are fundamentally dangerous. As a result, mishaps and accidents can happen, even if a team stringently executes any and all possible safety measures. Should an uninsured land-clearing company experience an accident that causes bodily injury or property damage, you could be the one left responsible for the damage. Working with an uninsured tree removal and land-clearing company makes you vulnerable to costly expenses, lawsuits, and other disastrous consequences. To protect yourself against any worst-case scenarios, it’s vital to factor the company’s insurance status into your decision when choosing your team of land-clearing specialists.

Your Land-Clearing Company Has Experience Removing Trees in Your Area

Removing a tree without much experience is a bad idea. Clearing an entire plot of land without much experience is downright disastrous. Land clearing requires many things, including:

  • Permits
  • Area knowledge
  • Various tree-removal methods
  • Realistic timelines and expectations

Those who have never cleared a lot before or those with limited experience clearing lots do not bring the same expertise or understanding of what lot clearing entails as those who have spent years providing the service.

Knowledge of the area is a crucial factor when it comes to land clearing, which arborists in Bonaire understand. By first knowing the terrain, tree types, soil types, and other natural characteristics that are common to Bonaire, seasoned land-clearing specialists can better predict timelines, execute the most effective tree-removal methods, and complete your service with fewer hiccups and delays than those with less experience.

When weighing your options, consider a company that has years of experience and numerous land-clearing projects to showcase.

Heavy equipment is seen behind a backhoe.

Your Land-Clearing Company Has the Equipment to Handle the Job

There is nothing stopping a team with only one chainsaw from clearing land—but that would prolong the timeline by days, weeks, or months, depending on the size of the area or the number of trees to be cleared.

Companies with the right equipment on hand to execute cut and grind, pushover, and pulling methods for land clearing are far more likely to complete your service more thoroughly and on a much faster timeline.

When looking at possible companies to choose for your land clearing, look to see which ones utilize equipment like:

  • Backhoes
  • Brush mowers
  • Bulldozers
  • Excavators
  • Mulchers
  • Stump grinders
  • Tractors

Your team may not use all of these or may use several other types of machinery, but any combination of these and others is a positive sign that your land-clearing company will get the job done fully and efficiently.

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