large yellow wheel loader aligns a piece of land for a new building

If you have purchased a lot in Kathleen, GA, to build a home, construct a commercial business, or even beautify an area for public or private use, chances are you’ll need to clear some of your land to carry out your vision. Any construction project requires a clean and clear construction zone to bring your plans to life, and land clearing services can do just that, providing the space to lay the groundwork for the next phase.

If you’ve never required land clearing before, you may wonder what the service entails or how the process can go. Know before you get started by learning these four facts about land clearing:

1. Land Clearing Requires a Permit

If you’re only interested in removing brush, shrubbery, debris, or other surface-level vegetation or waste from your lot, you likely will not need a permit. As long as the removal or clearing does not disturb the ground, you should be free to clean up your land within reason. However, if your clearing involves services like tree removal that will disrupt the ground, you will be required to obtain a Land Disturbance Permit.

Permits are required to ensure you understand your local planning and zoning laws, regulations, and restrictions. It prevents accidental boundary crossing, regulation violations, and other missteps from occurring.

You can file for a permit with your local government agency. Kathleen residents can contact the Houston County Public Works Department.

2. Land Clearing Requires Knowledge of the Area

There are so many land clearing and tree removal companies available in our area, but how many know the local terrain, vegetation, and minute details about what is best for your lot? It is essential to research your options and choose a local, established contractor for more knowledgeable service.

3. Land Clearing Could Last One Day or Several Months

Depending on the size of your project, your land clearing service could only require a day’s work to produce the lot you need for your next steps. Or, it could last a period of weeks or even months.

Land clearing is more detailed, complex, and time-consuming than many people believe it to be. And companies that apply proper techniques and procedures will likely take a little longer because a good job is a well-thought-out and thorough job.

4. Land Clearing Could Require Several Methods Depending on Your Lot

There are several land clearing methods that apply to different lots. Depending on the size of your lot and the density of your trees, you could require:

New development with trees have been cleared on land clearing forest

Cut and Grind Method

Cutting and grinding is a standard method for tree removal. A quality land-clearing company will prepare the area by clearing away the surface-level items such as shrubs and brush. Then, they’ll cut each tree down with specialized machinery and grind the stumps.

Pushover Method

The pushover method is a solution for small to midsize lots with large trees. Your team uses heavy machinery to essentially bulldoze your trees down with the roots still attached. Once cleared, your land-clearing company will refill the holes with a backhoe.

Pushover land clearing is not ideal for projects that need healthy topsoil since this method will destroy it. But, sometimes, the circumstances call for the pushover method, especially when your land features massive trees.

Pulling Method

The pulling method is a classic land-clearing option wherein large anchor chains are used to attach the tree to a tractor. The tractor then pulls the tree over. Pulling is a common method, but the downside is that it can be time-consuming.

When you need land clearing at your lot in Kathleen, Georgia, call Montpelier Tree Service.

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