Residential Tree Services Stump Grinding & Removal

First and foremost, Montpelier Tree Service is about your safety. The heavy machinery required to grind or remove tree stumps is difficult to use and dangerous for the inexperienced handyman. We encourage you to trust the insured tree specialists at Montpelier Tree Service to skillfully remove your tree stump quickly and safely. All of our tree services are available in Warner Robins, Macon, Perry, Jones, Gray, Roberta, Forsyth, Barnesville, and throughout Middle Georgia.

Which Tree Stump Grinding Situation Applies to You?

Choose the option that applies to you!

3 Options for Dealing with Tree Stumps:


A tree stump can take up to 10 years to completely decay, and during the process it could become a harbor for insects. Pouring chemicals on the stump to accelerate the decay will only damage the ground and prevent anything else from growing there. A decaying stump is unsightly and frustrating, and should be removed.


Excavation completely removes the stump from the ground and allows the area to be re-planted with grass or another tree. Out of the three options, it is more costly and time-consuming; however, we feel that, depending on what you want to use the land for, complete stump removal is worth it. Montpelier Tree Service proudly offers this service and would love the opportunity to help you reclaim that space in your yard.


Tree stump grinding is both the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way to remove the unwanted stump. We use heavy-duty stump grinders that can reach the appropriate depth needed for your purposes. Grinding allows for the opportunity to plant grass or even another tree in place of the stump.

Just let us know how you’d like to use the space after the stump is gone and we will make it happen!

Tree Stump Grinding and Removal Reminders

  • Notify the stump removal crew of any underground electric wires for outdoor lighting, septic fields, and sprinkler lines
  • Discuss with the specialists at Montpelier Tree Service how you would like to use the space after the stump is removed