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Montpelier Tree Service understands that every homeowner’s tree situation is unique, and we will always provide a custom removal plan that perfectly meets your property’s needs. We’d love the opportunity to hear your concerns and learn about your situation so that we can best serve you. Montpelier Tree Service works with homeowners in Warner Robins, Macon, Perry, Jones, Gray, Roberta, Forsyth, Barnesville, and more to service all of your tree removal needs.

Dead trees are extremely dangerous and we take our job of protecting your family and your home very seriously. It is sometimes difficult to tell if a tree in your yard is dead, but with our experience and equipment we will inspect it at no charge and help you understand your options.


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Montpelier Tree Service's first priority is to protect and beauitfully maintain your trees. From tree removal to trimming and pruning, we'll give you trustworthy advice and guide you to the best decision for your property.

Are you considering tree removal, but still unsure?

If you aren’t ready to make a decision and feel like you need more information, we invite you to call for a free consultation. If your tree isn’t dead and can still be saved, we won’t tell you that tree removal is the only option. We’d rather trim and prune your trees to make them safe and lovely for your property.

No Hassle, No Mess Tree Removal

Tree removal is a complex, dangerous job that only experienced tree removal specialists should handle. There are many different elements to consider before a tree can be removed and we will meticulously oversee every detail:

  • Identifying utilities to avoid unwanted damage
  • Assessing potential dangers to home, yard, cars, and people
  • Taking necessary safety precautions
  • Scheduling road closures and controlling traffic
  • Coordinating with power companies to temporarily move lines

Montpelier Tree Service’s goal is to leave your property in better condition than it was before we came. Our professional tree removal crew takes painstaking care to keep from tearing up your yard and the surrounding area where the tree is being removed.