Tree removal seems complicated. Will I have to spend much time on this?

No. Montpelier Tree Service handles every detail of the tree removal for you. Here’s a glimpse into what we do:

  • Identifying utilities to avoid unwanted damage
  • Assessing potential dangers to home, yard, cars, and people
  • Taking necessary safety precautions
  • Scheduling road closures and controlling traffic
  • Coordinating with power companies to temporarily move lines
Do you offer emergency tree removal services 24/7?

Yes, Montpelier Tree Service offers emergency tree removal services. Call us now and we’ll take care of your tree removal need.

Is it OK to let a tree stump decay?

No. Montpelier Tree Service recommends having tree stumps removed or grinded for a variety of reasons. Stumps can become habitats for insects which then spread to other plants on your property. Furthermore, some species of trees grow shrubberies from their stumps defeating the purpose of having the tree cut in the first place.

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What are some of the benefits of trimming and pruning trees?

The two main purposes of trimming and pruning trees are safety and maintaining a beautiful property. Call Montpelier Tree Service for your residential or commercial tree trimming and tree pruning needs.

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What areas do you provide tree services for?

Montpelier Tree Service works with clients all over the Central Georgia region. Specifically, some of our current clients live in Warner Robins, Macon, Perry, Jones, Gray, Roberta, Forsyth, Barnesville, and more. Call Montpelier Tree Service to learn if you’re in our coverage area.

Do you offer free estimates for every tree service?

Yes. Call Montpelier Tree Service today to schedule your free consultation. Furthermore, if your tree can be saved, Montpelier Tree Service will discuss all of your options instead of jumping straight to tree removal.

Why was Montpelier Tree Service founded?

We wanted the opportunity to save trees and actively beautify our communities. Montpelier Tree Service does so much more than tree removal. We take pride in the beautification side of our business, trimming and pruning. Creating spaces that are healthy for tree growth and safe for our clients is extremely appealing to us.

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How much does it cost to have one tree removed?

The price of having trees removed varies because of different elements including location, size, and how difficult removing the tree will be.

Montpelier Tree Service offers free estimates for all of our tree services, so call today to schedule your tree service consultation.