Emergency tree removal is not something you can easily plan for, but it is something home and property owners in Perry, GA, can find themselves needing unexpectedly. Whether the tree is still standing when you decide emergency removal is necessary or it has recently fallen and you need the aftermath taken care of as soon as possible, you can rely on Montpelier Tree Service to act fast to address your tree and remove it from your property.

Reasons You May Need Emergency Tree Removal

Emergencies involving your trees can range from moderately serious to extremely severe and can include situations such as:

The Tree Has Been Damaged by a Storm or Severe Weather

Strong winds from a hurricane, tornado, or powerful storm can cause a tree to suffer significant damages, including:

  • Broken branches and limbs
  • Damaged trunks
  • Torn bark

Without immediate care or attention, damage from a storm can cause the tree to develop further and more dangerous issues like disease. Should breaks or tears go untreated, your tree could develop a fungal infection that can lead to heart or root rot, structurally weakening the tree. Once the tree loses its integrity, it is highly at risk of toppling over at any time.

If heavy winds and excessive rainfall from the storm uproot your tree, causing it to lean or fall over, then fast emergency tree removal is a must to either prevent the leaning tree from completely falling over or clear the area of the fallen tree.

Takeaway: Storms can cause significant damage to trees in Perry, even those that appear healthy and stable. If any trees on your property lean, topple over, or lose branches after a storm, call Montpelier Tree Service for emergency tree removal.

The Tree Has Weakened Due to Disease, Decay, or Infestation

As addressed in the above point, trees can become sick from a fungal infection that rots the wood from the inside out. Fungal infestations can also draw in wood-destroying insects, leading to an infestation that will further compromise the tree’s health and cause it to become even more structurally unreliable. Wood-drawn insects will even attack and kill healthy trees; no fungal damage is needed.

Fungal Infections

There are several fungal infections that can cause damage to the roots, trunks, or leaves of the tree. Signs of fungal infection can include:

  • Mushrooms growing on the tree trunk
  • Cankers (large, dark, dead spots) developing on the trunk or branches
  • Dead or wilting leaves
  • Split or peeling bark

Insect Infestations

Certain insects are drawn to wood either because it provides them with something to eat or it offers a safe place to lay eggs. The most common tree-destroying insects we deal with in Georgia are:

  • Pine bark beetles
  • Emerald ash borers
  • Bark beetles
  • Pine weevils

A tree infested with wood-boring insects can still appear healthy from the outside while its internal structures are suffering significant damage. Signs of an infection can include:

  • Small burrow holes along the tree trunk
  • Branch or limb dieback
  • Wilted, spotty, discolored, or bumpy leaves
  • Frass, or sawdust-like debris at the base of the tree
  • Peeling bark

No matter how your tree has become sick and damaged, removing it as soon as possible is crucial for the safety of your home, cars, family, visitors, and overall property.

Takeaway: If you discover a tree that is sick with a fungal infection or insect infestation, call Montpelier Tree Service for emergency tree removal. Waiting too long to remove a sick and structurally weak tree on your property in Perry could give it enough time to topple over and cause major property damage or worse.

The Tree Has Outgrown Its Area

Sometimes, a tree is planted in a location that seems fitting at the time, but by the time the tree fully develops, it proves to be too big for the area. Pruning can help reduce its size for a while to keep it from being removed, but the tree will often eventually outgrow its location and require removal. Examples can include:

A Tree That Was Planted Too Close to a Roadway or Walkway

Trees that grow close to roadsides or walkways often pose serious dangers to both drivers and pedestrians.

Roadside trees can:

  • Obstruct drivers’ views.
  • Grow outward toward the road, causing drivers to hit limbs or branches or swerve to avoid hitting the tree’s components.
  • Warp the road with its roots and damage the road’s surface, indirectly leading to vehicle damage for cars that must go over the uneven surface.
  • Fall into the road or onto cars due to a storm or structural weakness.

Trees too close to a walkway can:

  • Warp the walkway with its roots, causing tripping hazards for pedestrians.
  • Overgrow in its area, blocking or significantly hindering the use of the walkway.
  • Frequently lose branches or limbs, especially if the roots don’t have the space to branch out and grow properly.

A Tree that Was Planted Too Close to a House or Building

If a tree is planted too close to your house or a building on your property, your foundation could suffer damaging structural issues. Trees are strong and resilient, and if a root has the room to grow, it can interfere with your foundation, leading to cracks, warping, lifting, or breakage.

Tree roots under your home can also interfere with the soil quality and ground moisture under your foundation. As the roots absorb the moisture of the soil your house was built on top of, your soil could develop pockets of dryness and lose its supportive integrity. As a result, the weight of the building can settle into the newly weakened soil and cause a range of complications with its foundation or structure.

Takeaway: It can take a while to determine that your tree has outgrown its location and needs removal. But once you make the realization, call Montpelier Tree Service for efficient, fast removal. We can remove any tree that has become too big for its area or make pruning or management recommendations if applicable.

The Tree Needs to Be Removed for Construction

If you want to build a new structure or hardscape on your property, you may require tree removal first to begin the building process. Such instances do not require emergency removal services, since your planning phase would likely factor tree removal into the timeline.

However, if you are anxious to start your construction project, emergency tree removal is the perfect solution to remove the tree and clear the space to get to work.

And, it is possible to begin construction before realizing tree removal is necessary to complete the project. In that case, emergency removal is also a viable and beneficial service to quickly and efficiently clear the tree so you can return to the work as soon as possible.

Takeaway: Trees can interfere with construction, whether you realize it before starting your project or not. If you need a tree cleared quickly to complete construction in Perry, call Montpelier Tree Service for fast emergency tree removal.

Emergency Tree Removal in Perry, GA, Is Easy When You Choose Montpelier Tree Service.

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