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Whether you need to address a dangerous tree on your property, want to clear out space for a new project, or would prefer a less tree-filled yard, you need tree removal services from a reliable, qualified team of tree removal pros.

Tree removal is a challenging job that should always be left to the experts to ensure your yard, house, cars, family, and anything else on your property remain safe and protected during the service. But when is the best time to schedule tree removal?

When Should I Have a Tree Removed?

For home and property owners in Warner Robins, GA, the best time of year to remove a tree is in the winter. In actuality, the colder months create the most ideal tree-removal conditions for landowners everywhere.

Trees become dormant during winter to survive the season’s conditions. Since less water and sunlight are available, trees “sleep” throughout the season, halting any form of growth and using minimal amounts of energy to survive. That’s why leaves die off throughout winter and branches develop a withered look.

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Why Winter Is the Best Season for Tree Removal

Easier Cutting Process

Since most trees become dormant when temperatures drop, they become easier to cut. It requires a little less effort to cut down a tree that is not as full of water or strengthened by the sun.

Less Mess

Since leaves have likely all fallen off the tree by winter, there are fewer leaf-related messes to clean up. Likewise, branches either wither and fall off or new ones do not grow at this time, keeping branch-related messes to a minimum, as well.

Less Likelihood of Spreading Pests or Diseases

As trees go dormant in the winter, so do problematic pests and tree-specific diseases. If you are removing a tree that has been damaged by pests — like beetles, weevils, or borers — or disease — like seiridium canker, hypoxylon canker, or fungal rot — you are less likely to spread the problematic issue to other trees during a winter removal.

Protection Against Damage or Injury

This is especially true if you are removing a dead tree. Georgia winters can bring with them heavy wind and heavy rain. And if there is a freeze, any frozen water in or on your tree can be enough to cause it to topple. Dead trees do not have the structural integrity to withstand bad or cold weather conditions reliably, and they can fall at any point, leading to property damage or personal injury. Removing your tree during the winter season ensures that the dangerous tree is no longer a threat.

Better Scheduling

Although winter is the best time for tree removal, many people wait until the warmer months to make their appointments. By scheduling in the winter, you have more scheduling flexibility and can likely get your tree removed sooner rather than later.

Do I Have to Wait Until Winter to Schedule Tree Removal?

Nope! While winter is an ideal time to have a tree removed from your property in Warner Robins or any other Central Georgia location, you should never wait for a specific season to arrive before scheduling your service. Trees needing removal can be hazardous, and the potential for a tree to fall over and cause significant damage increases the longer you wait.

If you realize the need for tree removal in the spring, summer, or fall, call a trusted, reliable tree removal company like Montpelier Tree Services as soon as possible and schedule your service.

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