If a tree in your yard or your property in Forsyth, Georgia, needs to come down, you may wonder if doing it yourself is a viable option. It’s just chopping down a tree, right?

Whether your tree is dying and needs to be removed before it topples over, you want to clear a space on your property for a project, or you find the tree unsightly and want it gone, there are three reasons you should leave the job to the pros:

Tree Removal Is Inherently Dangerous

The average pine tree you can find in just about any yard in Forsyth, Georgia, weighs roughly 5,200 pounds and can reach up to about 100 feet tall. The average oak tree, which you can also find variations of throughout Monroe County, and all of Middle Georgia for that matter, weighs roughly 6,500 and stands about 65 feet tall. Even smaller trees that grow to be 20-40 feet tall weigh hundreds if not thousands of pounds and can be detrimentally dangerous should they be cut without the right removal strategy or execution.

Tree removal experts are highly trained in proper tree removal techniques and have extensive experience with the equipment needed to bring a tree down safely and efficiently. And even then, there are major risks to evaluate and avoid. In almost all cases, DIYers approach tree removal with a limited knowledge of the techniques, which can yield unpredictable and disastrous results. Experienced arborists can analyze conditions, utilize the right tools, and make informed decisions throughout the service to minimize dangers and complete the service safely.

Tree Removal Requires Tools Most Do Not Have on Hand

Sure, you may have a handsaw, chainsaw, or pruners in your shed, but what about professional-grade rigging tools like cable hoists, pulley systems, power pullers, and every other component needed for proper tree removal? Do you have climbing equipment other than a ladder?

Depending on how your tree should come down—either felling or removing it piece by piece—you must have the right tools and equipment at your disposal. For felling, you may think you only need a chainsaw or axe. However, once the tree comes down, you may require extra tools to cut the tree into sections and transport the larger pieces from your yard or property. For sectional removal, you will need adequate lifting or climbing equipment, rigging equipment, and cutting equipment that is either very expensive or hard to find at your average hardware or home improvement store. Not to mention, you have to know how to use it all properly to ensure the process goes smoothly and safely.

A tree removal company has all the tools and equipment needed to bring down a tree or an entire lot of trees, with the knowledge and experience on how to use each piece effectively and properly. Plus, a professional tree removal company’s equipment is industry-grade, meaning it can withstand the project, unlike the average store-bought equipment.

Bonus Point: Tree Removal Also Requires Proper Safety Gear

Wearing gloves and goggles is a great start when prepping for tree removal, but you need to wear so much more personal protective gear to ensure your safety throughout the tree removal process. Your tree removal company requires their arborists to wear the right equipment for the job to minimize the likelihood of injury.

DIY Tree Removal Can Result in Property Damage

If the tree you want to remove is close to your house, driveway, neighbor’s property, or street, one wrong decision could cause any of those structures, items, or areas to experience significant damage. The tree could fall onto your house, cars, fence, neighbor’s home or cars, power lines, or even a person or pet. If you cut branches off the tree before removing the trunk, a falling branch could ruin a vehicle, yard structure, or the ground below. If the trunk is long and does not have enough ground space to fall onto, you could risk it hitting any number of surrounding things on the way down.

A specialized team of tree removal experts can analyze the area and the tree that is to be removed. Based on evaluations, we can strategically remove it without causing damage to anything or anyone on the property or the property itself.

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